Call Today:(847) 867-5911

Call Today:(847) 867-5911

Private Offerings Marketing Services provides a comprehensive set of investment marketing services.   The goal is simple.  To get you in front of as many prospective investors that are necessary to complete your offering.

The JOBS Act of 2012 enables public solicitation to be used to place private offerings.   There are over 125 million adults in the US that own listed securities.   To raise capital from individual investors is at best challenging.   There is a preference to invest in products and services that we not only understand but believe have a compelling story.  Private Offerings Marketing Services is a boutique marketing firm dedicated to securing new investors for non-listed securities.

Our primary mission is to effectively “Tell Your Story” to thousands if not millions turning strangers into investors.  We have a systemized approach to creating and executing a 360 marketing program.   Using a full suite of digital media venues from email, social media, Google and Facebook ads, live streaming events, public relations, to content offers Private Offerings Marketing build and expands your affinity group.

Once initial interest is created the prospect’s brand awareness is nurtured and expanded.   The opportunity to invest is presented.  A phone call is placed to those that indicate interest.  At that point, the objective is set a phone appointment for the prospective investor to speak directly with the company’s management.