Call Today:(847) 867-5911

Call Today:(847) 867-5911

Pricing is simple.   $100 per telephone meeting with a prospective investor.

To get started there is a one-time, non-refundable $2,500 Investment Development fee to complete the following: (This will include the first five prospect telephone meetings)

  1. Private Placement Memorandum, creation, review, updating, etc.
  2. Business Plan, review and update
  3. Pitch Deck, creation, review, update.
  4. Videos (3)
  5. eBook (2)
  6. Webinars, semi-monthly, preparation and presentation: Live Streaming events broadcast simultaneously on YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitter.
  7. Landing Pages (3 variations)
  8. Email Campaign Content (5 variations)
  9. Ads, creation, and placement
  10. Public Relations (3 releases)
  11. Article Development and Placement (3 pieces)
  12. Custom “Deal Room” with online transaction capabilities
  13. Investment Marketing CRM system configured to support a “high touch” workflow from the first contact to close. (unlimited users)
  14. Marketing administrative services; data acquisition, appointment setting, document distribution and tracking, closing support.
  15. SEC and State filing services.

After the first five meetings, all subsequent meetings purchased in prepaid blocks of 10, $1000.

Pay as You Go.